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i'm just saying

if you don't think that The Homos are the greatest punk band in the world today, you have obviously never witnessed the following:
1) a The Homos show
2) camcakes being thrown out of a party, one of our own shows, or any other structure inhabited by humans
3) the elmonster trying his damnedest to kick in windows at 3am in an appartment building
4) people buying The Homos t-shirts that are actually just our dirty laundry with "The Homos" written on them in permanent marker
5) johnny sunshine spitting beer after beer at the audience until everyone dancing is drenched
6) jerfo dancing and smoking in a tigger suit
7) metalhead's ass hanging out of daisy dukes
8) KOD's boobs bouncing furiously while she plays drums
9) camcakes trying to shit on someone's staircase
10) the elmonster launching beer bottles down a hallway
11) camcakes peeing on someone's stairs
12) the elmonster waking up mysteriously naked in someone's house (not where he remembers going to sleep)
13) a really good performance of "Drunk Boy Boogie," "Hideous," "careless whisper," or "16 or 17"
14) a guerilla rocked party
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