Optional (meatmarket) wrote in the_homos,

Things You Need To Know!

It's time for a The Homos schedule update for this week.

This Thursday (March 24th), come see The Homos at the Highnote Lounge/Rockin' Horse with some bands that I can't remember because we were just put on the bill last night.  I think that some of them are from out of town (New York?). 

This Friday (March 25th), come to The Hotel Birmingham (NW corner of 18th and 2nd ave South) to see The Homos with their friends The Nowhere Squares, The Bloody Undies, The Umbilical Chords, and some punk rock opening band TBA.  Doors open at 9pm and show starts at 10.  The order should run as such:
The Umbilical Chords
The Bloody Undies
The Homos
The Nowhere Squares
Cover is 5 at the door.  Kegs will be supplied.  Any etc., BYOB.
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