Optional (meatmarket) wrote in the_homos,


so, i bet you wankers are wondering when The Homos will be playing again. well, here's the answer:

on march 18th, The Homos will be in Montevallo at Doubleplay for Amnestyfest. good times. we will go on at midnight or shortly before/after.

on march 19th, The Homos will be playing (again) at The Highnote on 21st street south on the south side of birmingham.

on march 25th, The Homos along with The Nowhere Squares, The Bloody Undies, The Umbilical Chords, and Jesus H. Chrystler will be playing at The Hotel on the corner of 18th street and 2nd avenue south. this, my friends, promises to be an amazing show. the cover will be at or around 5 dollars and kegs will be supplied.

on april 3rd, The Homos will be playing "Meet the Beat" in Montevallo.

that's it for the next 3 weeks. i'll update more info on these shows when i'm less drunk.

nighty night, sexy people.
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