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so, who wants one

dear my friends,
the time is here. the homos now have cds available (or, rather, will once we burn some more.) what do they sound like? too good to be us? not quite, but better than most of you have heard us. i believe that we will have 2 versions available. we have 8 tracks recorded in total, so one will just be the rock (5 tracks: drunk boy boogie, buttholing in c minor, the mopey song, hideous, and 16 or 17.) the other will be the rock and the redonkulous (including the previous 5 and our country/western song "dumptruck" (the way too drunk song), our tribute to some very special nerd boys called "skokies," and a song from the real king of rock and roll, George Michael.) send me 2 things if you want one. those 2 things should include the following:
your address or way of getting a cd to you
a comment about how much you love me
okay, that's all. send word. i love you guys, and now, i can invade your homes.
with...a bloody nose,
the elmonster
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