Optional (meatmarket) wrote in the_homos,

Love The Homos

do you love The Homos? i mean, really, do you LOVE The Homos?

if so, then support us in the emergenza festival!

we will be battling against numerous other bands from alabama for a chance to move up in the ranking and move on to other emergenza events and competitions.
the band that wins the whole competition gets a trip to germany to play at a huge music festival.

how can you support The Homos in this?


contact us to buy tickets to the event. it will be at The Highnote Lounge (19+ show, sorry kids) on January 7th.

tickets are $10 if you buy them from us before the show and $15 at the door.

then just come out to the show and vote for us, The Homos.

The Homos love you. you should love The Homos.

-The Monster, voice of The Homos.
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